What is a Transition Town?

The Transition Town movement is about building community and empowering neighbors to get together, solve big problems, and make the world a better place...

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Building a Local Network

Across the country citizens are building a better world, but we'll never get anywhere without working together. Let's connect, join forces, and work hand in hand!

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Recent Blog Posts:

Live better together, one street at a time!

We’re rolling out the Transition Streets program in Charlottesville. Come to the Launch Party July 29! Read More

Neighborhood Fun at the Transition Streets Pilot Project

Transition Streets is a grassroots, community-based project to help households reduce energy use and consumption right here and now. Read More

April 14: Tell Dominion to Stop Polluting Our Climate & Our Democracy!

From Glen Besa, VA Sierra Club – WHAT: Protest against Dominion and its ALEC partners outside VA Chamber of Commerce “Dirty Energy” Conference. Bring your signs, banners and props. WHEN: Tuesday, April 14; 8:00 AM to 9:30 AM, as participants are entering the conference. WHERE: On the sidewalk outside the Richmond Convention Center, E. Marshall and N. 5th Street […] Read More

Virginia Climate Fever – Author Stephen Nash Speaks Weds. 3/25

Environmental journalist Stephen Nash details the current impacts and future threats of climate change in our very own state. Read More

TCA Women’s Resilience Retreat

Come walk together as we rejuvenate, strengthen our resilience, and fire up our creativity in these changing times. Read More