What is a Transition Town?

The Transition Town movement is about building community and empowering neighbors to get together, solve big problems, and make the world a better place...

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Building a Local Network

Across the country citizens are building a better world, but we'll never get anywhere without working together. Let's connect, join forces, and work hand in hand!

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Recent Blog Posts:

Transition Streets: How to Get Started

Transition Streets is initiated and run by neighbors. Here’s a step by step guide to get a group going on your street. Read More

Live better together, one street at a time!

We’re rolling out the Transition Streets program in Charlottesville. Come to the Launch Party July 29! Read More

Neighborhood Fun at the Transition Streets Pilot Project

Transition Streets is a grassroots, community-based project to help households reduce energy use and consumption right here and now. Read More

April 14: Tell Dominion to Stop Polluting Our Climate & Our Democracy!

From Glen Besa, VA Sierra Club – WHAT: Protest against Dominion and its ALEC partners outside VA Chamber of Commerce “Dirty Energy” Conference. Bring your signs, banners and props. WHEN: Tuesday, April 14; 8:00 AM to 9:30 AM, as participants are entering the conference. WHERE: On the sidewalk outside the Richmond Convention Center, E. Marshall and N. 5th Street […] Read More

Virginia Climate Fever – Author Stephen Nash Speaks Weds. 3/25

Environmental journalist Stephen Nash details the current impacts and future threats of climate change in our very own state. Read More