What is a Transition Town?

The Transition Town movement is about building community and empowering neighbors to get together, solve big problems, and make the world a better place...

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Building a Local Network

Across the country citizens are building a better world, but we'll never get anywhere without working together. Let's connect, join forces, and work hand in hand!

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Recent Blog Posts:

TCA Women’s Resilience Retreat

Come walk together as we rejuvenate, strengthen our resilience, and fire up our creativity in these changing times. Read More

Green Building Extreme: Meet Charlottesville’s Recycled House

The Recycled House teaches us an important lesson: that reducing, reusing, and recycling does not mean living with less. Recycled materials and creativity make a stunningly beautiful home. Read More

Pop-up Clothesline Party for “Fire Your Dryer” Initiative

Let it all hang out at Transition C’ville’s Pop-up Clothesline Party! We’re celebrating the simple joy of line-drying clothes with a juggling unicyclists, the Green Granny choir, games, raffles, and more. Read More

Ecovillage “Coming Out” Party a Huge Success

A perfect sunset crowned the hill over the Lochlyn House last night as it hosted Ecovillage Charlottesville’s “Coming Out” party. The event included tours of the property, a presentation by the newly formed Ecovillage Board, and a sumptuous dessert bar. The supportive, communal, and collaborative spirit which characterizes the Ecovillage was in full swing as people from all walks of life came together to meet one another, make new friends, and support a shared dream. Read More

Tom Tom Founders Festival Energy Talks

Great experience sitting in on the “Flipping the Switch” and “The New Energy Ethic” talks at City Space today.  The first panel had well over 30 people in attendance, and then the second, with Sandy Reisky and Cynthia Adams, was standing room only, probably 60+ people.  I know it’s ubiquitous now, but I still love […] Read More