Skill Share

Let’s face it: as a society, we’ve lost a lot of the basic skills our grandparents took for granted – how to grow, preserve and cook local and seasonal foods; how to repair clothing and household goods; how to make and mend, rather than throw away; and how to use local resources to create items of function and of beauty.

We believe that Charlottesville’s transition towards a low-energy, relocalized, resilient future requires that we take the time to relearn these forgotten skills, as individuals and as a community.  Luckily, learning new skills, and sharing skills with others, is not just useful – it’s also downright fun!   On the second Monday of every month, Transition Charlottesville Albemarle hosts hands-on community skill sharing sessions, partnering with individuals and organizations in our community to teach everything from composting and cheese-making to natural building and home repair.

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