Beyond Democracy 1 – Let’s move beyond democracy – First in a series

Hi! my name’s Ted Millich and I live in Thomas Jefferson’s town, Charlottesville, Virginia, and I call this blog series ‘Beyond Democracy.’ I’m also posting a vlog version which is available here.

It’s being posted on the Charlottesville Albemarle Transition website, but feel free to post it anywhere because it’s revolutionary information that everyone needs to know.

I’d like to tell you about the next step in the evolution of human governance. That’s right, democracy isn’t the ultimate way for us to govern ourselves.

Emile van Danzig, a trainer of this governance method at the Dutch car rental company Wheels4All says: “Democracy is not the right way to come to a solution. It was a good one, but now there are better methods.”

I’ll show you what those better methods are – what is beyond good ol’ democracy – and you’ll find out why it’s a revolutionary way of working, how it works, why it’s better, and what it looks like in practice. I’ll show you some video clips of interviews I’ve done with people who use it, and how we can bring it from businesses, where it’s forty years old and has gained traction in hundreds of organizations around the world, into government.

This is a pretty big subject, but I’ve condensed it into a series of blogs that explain everything. Please read my next blog about this innovation which is called Dynamic Governance, or Sociocracy, because Larilee Suiter, who lives at the Champlain Valley CoHousing, near Burlington, Vermont, where she’s used it for ten years, thinks sociocracy works pretty well…

Larilee Suiter: “Sociocracy isn’t just a little bit better. Sociocracy is a quantum leap better!”

Also Rene Owen, the executive director of the Rainbow Mountain Children’s School in Asheville, North Carolina, says what a lot of us in the dynamic governance movement say – that it’s more than just a method of governance.

Rene Owen: “Dynamic governance certainly is a new paradigm, but it’s … …it’s a whole different paradigm.”

Please tune in again for my next blog entry where I reveal more about how to move beyond democracy.
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