Relocalisation: How Peak Oil Can Lead to Permaculture

Film and discussion at The Bridge PAI on Thursday, April 11, at 7:00pm. In “Relocalisation: How Peak Oil Can Lead to Permaculture,” permaculture co-founder David Holmgren connects peak oil, climate change and energy descent to small-scale grassroots, personal and community action. David talks in depth about our oil dependence and different scenarios for transitioning out of an economy built on cheap fossil fuels. He defines permaculture and explains how communities can respond to peak oil creatively, locally and in personally responsible ways by using permaculture principles and techniques to build resilient communities.

Relocalisation: How Peak Oil Can Lead To Permaculture

Charlottesville native Gabe Engle has spent the last three years traveling, working, studying, and living permaculture. For 17 months, Gabe apprenticed under David Holmgren at Melliodora, David’s home and permaculture demonstration site in Hepburn Springs, Victoria, Australia. Gabe will answer questions and talk about his experiences working with David and David’s partner Su Dennett.

Matt Slaats, the new executive director of The Bridge PAI, hopes to bring more permaculture programming to The Bridge and even explore spots in the neighborhood to introduce urban permaculture plantings. The film & conversation on April 11 will be a first step toward exploring collaboration between The Bridge, Transition Cville, and the Blue Ridge Permaculture Network.

This event is free and open to the public. See you there!



  1. I would come to hear Great Gabe talk if I was nearby for sure, then, after the talk, we could got to a nearest pub and resume where we have left off. Onya Gabe.

  2. What a great opportunity. I’m excited about getting to hear Gabe speak about his experiences, see this film and to see this new Transition Website/Logo and feel very HOPEFUL about the new collaboration between: Transition Cville/Blue Ridge Permaculture Network and The Bridge PAI


  1. [...] Film and discussion evening is held at Charlottesville on April 11. In the evening, David Holmgren’s film “Relocalisation: How Peak Oil Can Lead to Permaculture,” is to be screened, and then followed by the talk by Gabe Engle who spent 17 months apprenticing with David and his partner Su Dennett at Melliodora, David’s home and permaculture demonstration site in Hepburn Springs in Australia. Great Gabe will tell you all about his extensive permaculture experience down under. Should be a cracker night. [...]