We are Transition Cville

If you’re reading this, you’re part of Transition Cville. Maybe you’ve been here since the beginning. Or maybe you’ll be a “member” for a few minutes, until you move on to the next thing….

Community inventory

How do you define who’s part of a movement? Is it someone who’s on a mailing list? Thinks of a project and makes it happen? Goes to meetings? Organizes meetings? Could it be someone who’s never heard of the movement but shares the same goals?

In February 2012, a dozen or so of us got together  and formed an “Initiating Group” to tackle the ongoing work of building the local Transition movement. For me that project has turned out slippery, exhilarating, frustrating and fun. (You can ask Sarah, Joanie, Dave, Drew, Glenn, Laura, Lorrie, Ted, Wolfe, Cake, Michelle, Linda, Jenny and Stevo how it’s been for them!)


Reskilling outside The Bridge PAI

What’s been easy:

  • agreeing about the problems
  • agreeing about the solutions
  • finding other people (and organizations) who agree with us

What’s been not-so-easy:

  • agreeing on specific goals
  • agreeing how to work toward goals
  • connecting with people who are ready & available to work

Some of us want to focus on networking and connecting – building the social fabric of Transition, and helping knit together what our allies have built. Some of us have an eye on the cosmic clock and want to get out in the trenches swales before it’s too late. Some of us want to do both, and there aren’t enough hours in the week.

So, what has the Initiating Group done this year?

Is there a lot more to do? Heck yeah. The mission of Transition is culture change: we aim to imagine and implement a post-cheap-energy lifestyle. How are we going to get there?

Making recycled T-shirt tote bags at Bike Walk Play


  1. Deb Grotenhuis says:

    Hi there! Glad I got this link. I love this concept and want to support your efforts!

  2. Wendy Roberman says:

    Good posting, Ann Marie. Nice recap of some of the accomplishments as well as the challenges as Transition moves forward. I particularly liked seeing your recent list-serve email reaching out to the 400+ people on your mailing list. And you’re a very good writer. Keep it up:) and thanks for all you are doing to make this happen.

  3. Dave Redding says:

    Wow~ we sound like we are really busy. What is up next – how about that Cville Vegetarian Festival coming up on Sept 29th (also sponsored in part by Transition Cville)? We need some volunteers willing to help with the Festival. Call Dave (434) 826 9505 with the Healthy Food Coalition.